The Walking Dead Comedy Bang! Bang! parody w/ Kid Cudi

The Shaking Head, Comedy Bang Bang - IFC
The Shaking Head, Comedy Bang Bang - IFC /

Spoofs of The Walking Dead are everywhere.  There are skits on Saturday Night Live and even full length movies like The Walking Deceased.  However, not all of these takes on the hugely popular AMC zombie show are well done.

That’s where Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC came into play.  They decided to take a stab at poking fun of the show in a recent episode.  Included in the clip is hip-hop star and rapper Kid Cudi, who is well-known for his hit song Pursuit of Happiness featuring MGMT.

Here is the video from Comedy Bang! Bang! on the official IFC YouTube account:

The nods to The Walking Dead in this video are great.  I love how they don’t talk about zombies, they instead refer to the monsters as “groaners”.  Weirdly, that’s a term that I could see catching on.  But the deaths of Jane, Doug, Sheila, Tyrone, Becca, Dan, Carlos, Larry, Marky, Ricky, Danny, Terry, Mikey, Davy, Timmy, Tommy, Joey, Robbie, Johnny, and Bry can’t all go unmentioned.

However, the fact that the DVD of the Bill Murray movie “What About Bob” surviving is definitely a great thing.

The shaking of the head got even worse, when the character played by Kid Cudi goes on to gesture that he and the other survivor are not friends.  It gets even worse when they were trying to figure out what to have for dinner, and everything was declined.

Well, almost anything.  It is discovered that Kid Cudi has been bit and wanted to have brains for dinner, not beans or ravioli.  It ends with Cudi taking a lunge at the other survivor before the credits roll, revealing the name of the sketch: “The Shaking Head”.

This was an entertaining take on The Walking Dead and one that has made me much more interested to check out Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC Thursdays at 10:30 pm.  Check your local listing for time and availability.

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