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One of The Walking Dead’s worst kept secrets is Negan.  Although fans of the comic book series know very well what is in store for fans of the hit AMC television series, his notoriety has many people excited about his debut on the show.  The foul-mouthed, power-hungry Negan is best known for being absolutely ruthless and ruling with an iron fist, as well as a barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat called Lucille.

Meanwhile, Negan is a prominent figure in The Walking Dead’s comic books.  In fact, a current story line has Negan in a position that is making readers nervous about what the villain is planning.

Because of the popularity and importance of Negan in The Walking Dead, Todd McFarlane has created a statue in his likeness that is absolutely fantastic.  Check out the image here from

Todd McFarlane's statue of Negan from The Walking Dead's comics -
Todd McFarlane’s statue of Negan from The Walking Dead’s comics – /

This statue made its debut at 2015 Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.  Although it has yet to be painted, notice the excellent detail in Negan’s jacket as well as the bodies of the walkers surrounding him.  The skull and spine that he holds in triumph are a great addition to a character that already is immediately recognizable.

"“A lot of people were also really excited about it in our booth at San Diego Comic-Con International last week….I can’t blame them because the DETAIL is crazy!” McFarlane said on his Facebook account. “Sometimes I think the unpainted versions look just as cool as the finished product because you can really see all the little details that can be covered by paint (and you know how much I love detail). One of the COOLEST parts about this statue (I think) is the barbed wire on the bat. Man that would HURT!!!”"

McFarlane is right.  This statue of Negan is a fantastic piece that any fan of The Walking Dead would be proud to have in their collection.  They will all have to wait though, as this statue is not yet available for purchase.  We’ll give you an update when we have more information.

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