The Walking Dead: Sneak peek at season 5 deleted scene


The deleted scene above is from the Starz media youtube account, and features Rick and Michonne discussing giving up their guns in Alexandria when we know Rick, Daryl and Carol have other plans. It is from Season 5, Episode 13 of The Walking Dead and is a sneak peek at the extras that will be included in the DVD to be released on August 25th, 2015. Click here to read about all the extras to be included on the DVD release.

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Adam from our Undead Walking site wrote about this deleted scene as well and concluded that he was glad the scene wasn’t aired. While it was interesting to watch, I agree with Adam; I’m glad it didn’t air.  Adam said, “It gives away too much foreshadowing about

Michonne’s sword.

”  I agree. It would have taken away from the sword symbolism that we got so beautifully and wordlessly with her hanging up the sword as art in an attempt to accept civilization, and then taking it down and reclaiming it in an attempt to protect civilization in the finale.

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I was also uncomfortable watching Rick lie to Michonne outright.  We knew he must have lied to her throughout the time between “we’ll just take this place” plus Carol’s procurement of the weapons, and his brandishing the gun after crashing out of the window with Pete. We didn’t need to see the actual conversation. And we knew his thump on the head did more than just stop Rick from himself and from all the rest of the mess he was creating; it gave him a little payback for lying.

One thing I found interesting, but not important enough to allow the scene to be included in the show, was that “lying Rick” was eerily similar to “earnest Rick” we knew on the farm who tried to follow Hershel’s rules in order to stay on the farm. A Rick Michonne did not know.

It’s interesting how important tiny choices are to the overall effect on the story.

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