The Walking Dead beer coming soon thanks to Terrapin

Terrapin's The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA label - Beer Street Journal
Terrapin's The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA label - Beer Street Journal /

The Walking Dead is a worldwide phenomenon.  Many people eat and sleep the hit AMC show and have engulfed themselves in everything that the universe surrounding the show has to offer.  Well, now they can add drinking to the list of activities that their addiction can take over.

The Terrapin Beer Company and TWD have come together to create a Red India Pale Ale called “The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA”.  This beer will be available in 22 ounce bottles as well as draft and will be 6.7% alcohol by volume, but currently has no scheduled date for availability.

Terrapin Beer, The Walking Dead - AMC
Terrapin Beer, The Walking Dead – AMC /

This isn’t the first time that Terrapin and The Walking Dead can be seen together.  Back in season 4 during the season premiere, there are many crates of Terrapin Beer as well as some other empty packaging laying around.

Here is the beer as described in the Beer Street Journal:

"“Terrapin Beer Company and The Walking Dead have teamed up to brew the official beer of the undead. Made with blood orange peel,, and a horrific amount of hops, this bloodthirsty red IPA will have you prepared for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.”"

This isn’t the first beer inspired by The Walking Dead, either.  However, the previous one was an American Pale Stout made using wheat, oats, cranberries and other ingredients…including SMOKED GOAT BRAINS!  Seriously.

Luckily for fans of beer and The Walking Dead, Terrapin’s “The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA” will be brain-free.

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