The Walking Dead: ‘Michonne’s a nun’ in relationships


There are plenty of characters that fans would love to see hook up on The Walking Dead.  In fact, that aspect of the show in particular can be a sore spot among folks who see different potential love interests for their favorite characters.  We’ve seen it before with the people hoping for a Daryl and Beth relationship going head-to-head with fans who want Daryl to end up with Carol.

But there are plenty of other potential relationships on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

A recent article on the Entertainment Weekly website discussed one question in particular from 2015 Comic-Con International in San Diego, California in July.  Here is the question that was posed to Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln:

"What’s this we hear about Lincoln’s mother wanting Rick and Michonne to hook up?“The Richonne thing—we get it a lot. They’re friends, you know. And people want that. I love that folks want Michonne to get some. I always say that. I say to my boss, ‘Michonne’s a nun. She don’t give none, she don’t get none.’”"

Rick Grimes and Michonne, The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick Grimes and Michonne, The Walking Dead – AMC /

I can’t blame Andrew Lincoln’s mom for wanting that coupling.  There are times on the show when you think they are adorable together and compliment each other so well.  However, there are other times that they clash in ways lead you to believe that there are no feelings there at all.

As for Gurira’s claim that Michonne “don’t give none” and “don’t get none”, fans of the comic books know better.  There is a soft side to her that we’ve seen in the past and, if the show follows the comics, we’ll get to explore on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Things change from the comics to the TV show all the time, so we’ll never know for sure if Rick and Michonne will share some love until we actually see it happen on the screen.  But until then, it’s always fun to think about who should be a couple on the show.

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