The Walking Dead season 6: Could Morales return?


Fans of The Walking Dead just can’t let go of Morales.

Back in January, there was speculation that the character would make an appearance on the companion series to the hit AMC zombie survival drama now titled Fear The Walking Dead.  In fact, the hope went so far that Juan Gabriel Pareja (the actor who plays Morales) was listed on the show’s IMDB listing.

It turns out Pareja’s name was removed from the Fear The Walking Dead cast list, but since then there has been even more chatter about Morales popping up in the future.

Much of this speculation leads from a post that Pareja posted to his Twitter account when preparing for Walker Stalker Con back in October of 2014.  Here is the picture that has everyone both excited and confused at the same time:

Now, an article from brings back some way that Morales could be logically placed into the equation for a return during The Walking Dead’s sixth season.  Here is what they said:

"“Morgan is a certified bad-a–, now. He carries that stick, has ninja moves, and will probably wind up saving some survivors with his abilities. Remind you of anyone from the comics? How about Paul “Jesus” Monroe? If Morgan is going to be the ninja-warrior replacement of Jesus, – which is only a theory at this point – who is going to fill in his connections to the Hilltop Community and other civilized groups? Morales, that’s who.”"

Personally, I’m not sure I’d like the idea of splitting up Jesus into Morgan and Morales.  There are plenty of times in the past of The Walking Dead that characters have been left behind and never revisited.  For example, the Vatos and the community at Grady Memorial Hospital come to mind immediately.

Not only that, but “Not Dead” in the promotional poster for Walker Stalker Con could just refer to the actor who fans never saw die on-screen.  It is possible that it is some kind of teaser that he will be returning to The Walking Dead’s universe, but I believe that AMC would have been either more secretive or clever in teasing his return.

What do you guys think?  Will Morales make a return for The Walking Dead season 6?  Do you want him to come back or are you happy with how the story left him?  Let me know in the comments below.

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