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Many of the actors who will be starring in Fear the Walking Dead were already fans of the mega-hit show The Walking Dead. According to a wonderful interview on Wikia, Kim Dickens, who will play Madison Clark, was aware of the popularity of the show , but hadn’t seen it yet.

Don’t watch The Walking Dead

When she got a callback to audition, she wanted to know what she should watch to prepare. Apparently, producers told her,

"“Nothing. Don’t watch The Walking Dead.”"

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That’s actually very interesting advice. Since the people in this world are completely unaware of the outbreak and the walkers or anything about zombie lore, her reactions, then, might be more authentic.

Part of what promises to be fascinating about Fear the Walking Dead is the tension created for the audience by the dramatic irony that we know so much more than the characters do. This adds an extra layer to that. The producers and writers know more than this particular actress does about the walker world, creating even more innocence and incredulity, doubt and curiosity, and yes, fear to her character.

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It sounds as though she plans to eventually watch the original Walking Dead, which is good news. While I thought it was a smart move on the producers’ part, and for her as an actor, for the situation at the beginning of Fear, not to know or watch, if she hadn’t already; I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her that she didn’t know the joy of what it is to know The Walking Dead.

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