The Walking Dead: ‘Building’ memories with Dale’s RV

Dale Horvath, The Walking Dead - AMC
Dale Horvath, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Thank you, McFarlane Toys! The building set for Dale’s Winnebago from The Walking Dead, is now available for purchase and loads of building fun. Try Walmart, Target, or ToysRUs for your own set. You can also watch the RV come to life in this time-lapse video from McFarlane Toys.

This is definitely a wish list item for me. After all, the RV is almost a character in and of itself. Think of all the conversations and memories from Dale’s cool ride:

We definitely cannot forget Andrea fighting off a walker inside the RV’s loo with only a screwdriver to defend herself!

Do you remember Dale and Jim laboring over the radiator hose?

Dale and Glenn discussing women’s reproductive cycles still makes me giggle.

Do you recall Andrea’s panicked search for wrapping material for Amy’s birthday necklace?

And have you ever considered who instead of Amy may have met the bite of that walker if the RV had been fully stocked with toilet paper that night?

glenn-dale-rv-760-jpg /

Oh, I just loved the majestic view of the quarry from Dale’s patrol point on top of the RV.

Speaking of activity on top of the RV, who found themselves yelling “stop!” as Andrea aimed at a suspicious looking Daryl returning to the farm in “Chupacabra”?

Dale and T-Dog shared a memorable conversation outside the Winnebago while the search party looked for Sophia. T-Dog was getting a little senile with the onset of infection from the cut on his arm.

We certainly cannot forget poor Jim’s suffering as his condition deteriorated as he lay in the back of the RV after being “scratched” by a walker.

And I can still visualize the RV peeling away from the CDC after Dale and Andrea barely made it out alive.

I hope you have the opportunity to try your hand at building McFarlane’s version of Dale’s RV. Meanwhile, please share your favorite memories from Dale’s home on wheels!

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