The Walking Dead: Erik Jensen-Book Doctor?


Erik Jensen is known to Walking Dead fans as Dr. Steven Edwards from Grady Hospital. He’s a rare character in that he’s one who is not on the show anymore, but he wasn’t killed.  He could potentially show up again like Morgan, Merle or Morales. Hey, I just thought, maybe you should give your character a nickname that starts with “M”, Erik?

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Many Walking Dead fans follow Erik on Twitter and this morning he shared a beautiful story from

Huffington Post

about a boy who craves reading material and a postman who set about getting him more than he could have imagined, even if he were a character in one of the books he loves to read.

The boy was reading junk mail–flyers from stores and advertisements to get his reading fix. The mailman was made aware of this incredible habit when the boy asked him for more junk mail or circulars. He decided to ask his Facebook friends for help and “happily ever after” started from there! Please read the entire story at the Huffington Post!

It’s back-to-school time and everyone’s budgets are tight, but if you’re inspired by this story, send him a book! Just something to consider–when I first read the story, I immediately thought of all the books I just gave away a few months ago when I moved. Then I thought of how I’d love to give the boy a ton of books. Then I stopped myself.

Sometimes we think too big and then we’re paralyzed and don’t do anything. Just like Erik did something small by sending a Tweet, I made myself think smaller. I saved my copy of Watership Down since it’s one of my favorite books. I am going to send Mathew that one book. It’s a book I hope he loves as much as I do and might keep and re-read as I have, and give away one day, too.

Those interested in sending books may ship them to:

Mathew Flores
c/o Sandy Post Office
8850 S 700 E

Sandy, UT 84070

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