Fear The Walking Dead season 2 to be 15 episodes long

Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead hasn’t even been shown on AMC yet, and it was renewed for a second season.  The fact that the program has been renewed for a second season isn’t a big surprise, but the number of episodes that it is reported that the episode will be is unique.

Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Season one of Fear The Walking Dead will be six episodes.  This mirrors the first season of AMC’s The Walking Dead when it made its season one debut in 2010.  When it was revealed that Fear was renewed, I assumed it would either maintain the 6 episode seasons or expand to 16 episodes like the show’s original.  Instead, it will be 15 episodes.

This brings up a couple weird questions.  Will there be a midseason break?  If so, how will it be divided?  Perhaps it is just my curiosity or unwillingness to sway from a winning formula, but I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind the decision for Fear The Walking Dead’s 15 episode season.

Perhaps my nerves will be calmed when I finally get a chance to watch the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead on August 23, 2015.  It is that kind of reassurance that would make me feel better about the future of the series and the expanded second season.  I never had to worry about The Walking Dead, because by the time I had watched the first 6 episodes, I was hooked and wanted as much of the show as possible.

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC on August 23rd and season 6 of The Walking Dead will begin on October 11th.  Stay tuned to Undead Walking for more information and updates as they become available.

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