Fear the Walking Dead: Walkers will have cool “West Coast” names!

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Fear The Walking Dead promotional photo - AMC /
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A huge curiosity for many fans about the new companion series, Fear the Walking Dead, is what will the walkers be called. We know, of course, that they won’t be referred to as zombies.  So far the answers have been vague, which is to be expected from Walking Dead big wigs, but hidden in the middle of an interview answer at the Television Critics Association Awards press tour was the best news ever from executive producer Dave Erickson!

“We’re coming up with as much cool West Coast verbiage as we can.”

That is all I need to hear! Now I’m more pumped than ever about Fear the Walking Dead! I can’t wait to hear the variety of names given to the reanimated corpses that will start wandering the streets of Los Angeles groaning and biting and shuffling and frightening and doing their walker thing!

We’re coming up with as much cool West Coast verbiage as we can

Which names will stick and be the name that the main family uses? Will the Salazar family have a name that they use that’s different from the Clark family? Will the ex-wife and son use a different name than Madison and her two children? What will the media call them? What will the teachers call them? Will the students give them hilarious names?

Which names will resonate with the fans and show up on memes the next day? Will fans ever call them anything other than walkers when referring to them? Even in interviews, the Fear cast has used the word walker!  I hope they continue to do so. I don’t want to know what they’ll call the walkers until I hear it on-screen.

It will be so much fun to hear the names for the first time, just like the first time we heard Glenn call them geeks or the Governor call them biters, or Merle tell The Governor they had a creeper.  Or the first time we heard the Grady people say rotter or Aaron say roamer.  Who doesn’t remember Sam calling them skin-eaters or Dave complimenting the term walkers as being more succinct than lame-brains. Or poor Tara’s family hiding from the monsters.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Erickson! This is the best news yet!

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