Fear The Walking Dead: New promo sends mixed message

Still from Fear The Walking Dead promo - YouTube
Still from Fear The Walking Dead promo - YouTube /

Another promotional teaser video for AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead was released and this one is quite different from many of the others.

In the past, teasers for Fear The Walking Dead have focused on relationships and small-scale activities.  For example, interactions between a guidance counselor and a student, a ride in a pickup truck, or an interaction in a school hallway.  Strangely AMC decided to go large-scale with their most recent promo.

Here is the promotional teaser trailer titled “Lights Out In L.A.” from the official AMC YouTube account:

As you can see from the Fear The Walking Dead teaser trailer, this one focuses on the entire city of Los Angeles, California.  It is a time-lapse of the city losing electricity and then lighting back up from the fires that have ignited.  Upon examination, you can see that the fire spells out the word “FEAR”.

Personally, I think this teaser sends a message that contradicts the others up to this point.  I liked that Fear The Walking Dead was being billed as an intimate show, focusing on the relationship of a handful of individuals on an intimate level.  I was looking forward to seeing the interactions between those individuals as they find out about the outbreak and deal with the first wave of infected humans.

Instead, this teaser makes fans think of the entire city of Los Angeles rather than the small-scale that season 1 of Fear The Walking Dead was establishing with the previous promos.  Honestly, I would have expected a video like this for the second season of the program.

What do you folks think?  Does this promo fit for the message that Fear The Walking Dead is trying to spread for season one?  Does it encourage you to tune in when the show premieres on AMC on Sunday, August 23, 2015?  Let me know in the comments below.

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