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The Walking Dead’s fifth season will be available for purchase in stores starting August 25, 2015.  That DVD and Blu-Ray set is jam-packed with exclusive content, including deleted scenes, commentary, featurettes, biographies and more.

Undead Walking has been able to provide several of the bonus features on the discs already, but now another deleted scene has been released to the folks at The Hollywood Reporter.  This one features the group preparing for the trade that will go down at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Here is video of the deleted scene from The Walking Dead’s fifth season as shared by the folks at The Hollywood Reporter:

As you can see, this deleted scene features Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) talking about the trade that was preparing to go down in the “Coda” episode in order to get Beth Greene back from Dawn Lerner.

This clip shows a much more aggressive Rick Grimes than the one we saw in the episode, even telling Daryl that if things go wrong that they will just “kill them all”.  It is especially noted that during the short speech that Rick states had it been Carl or Judith being held at Grady Memorial Hospital, that he would do anything to get them back.

I found that to be very interesting.  Essentially, what this shows to me is that to Rick, Beth was a child.  Instead of equating the situation to when Hershel Greene and Michonne were kidnapped by The Governor, Rick spoke of his son and Judith, an infant who may or may not be his daughter (depending on which theory you like).

There is a chance that Rick was making a family metaphor, equating his survival family (including Beth) to his real life family.  Or there’s also a possibility that he believed Daryl Dixon saw Beth as his little sister.  Either way, the choice of comparison is an interesting one.

If the above link isn’t working, here is one from the Starz Media YouTube account:

What did you think of this deleted scene?  Do you feel it adds some more context to the attack on Slabtown?  Or are you glad it didn’t air during AMC’s The Walking Dead?  Let me know in the comments below.

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