The Walking Dead’s Melissa McBride: ‘Season 6 is crazy!’


AMC’s The Walking Dead is a very ambitious program.  It always tends to one-up the previous year in terms of stunts, drama and acting.  As the show continues getting better, the stakes keep getting higher and the shows get more ambitious.

The Walking Dead promotional poster from San Diego Comic Con
The Walking Dead promotional poster from San Diego Comic Con /

With the hit show’s 6th season coming in October, fans are already chomping at the bit to see what is in store for their favorite survivors next.  And while the wait will be long and grueling for many fans, some of the information about what the next season will be like is very encouraging to those hoping to see the show go above and beyond the call of duty.

A recent Entertainment Weekly interview with Melissa McBride, who plays Carol Peletier on AMC’s The Walking Dead recently spoke about what fans can expect from the show’s sixth season.

"“Season 6 is crazy! There’s so much stuff going on! They’re topping last year, I can tell you that.”"

Topping season 5 will be a huge effort.  There was plenty of action, adventure, drama and even explosions to help make even the most casual of The Walking Dead’s fans drop their jaw.  So what exactly is it about season 6 that will make it so much crazier?

"“As far as mindset, there’s a lot of things going on in different story arcs and different characters coming in that are really pitting the characters against their own selves as far as, you know, where they stand.”"

Internal conflict makes for some of the best television when it comes to The Walking Dead.  The entire conflict between Shane Walsh and Rick Grimes during the early seasons of the show demonstrates how this is true.  And now that the group at Alexandria has come together with Rick’s group, things are bound to hit a few snags.

"“We’ve all just been around ourselves. We’re all kind of doing the same things. But there’s other people with different points of view coming in that are challenging those things. But where do you put it? How do you sit with it? That’s one of the things that’s also happening. It’s a crazy ride.”"

Don’t expect Melissa McBride’s character of Carol to be sitting idly by and watching the conflict go down.  Her character has been laying low and pretending to be nothing more than a widowed woman who lost her daughter and can’t defend herself, but fans of The Walking Dead know better…and it will be interesting to see what the residents of Alexandria think when they find out who the real Carol Peletier is on The Walking Dead.

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