Fear The Walking Dead is much more than a family drama

Fear The Walking Dead promo from San Diego Comic Con
Fear The Walking Dead promo from San Diego Comic Con /

AMC will be premiering Fear The Walking Dead on August 23, 2015.  The levels of anticipation for the show vary wildly.

Fear The Walking Dead - Credit: AMC
Fear The Walking Dead – Credit: AMC /

While some fans are skeptical that the show can’t live up to the original, others are welcoming a fresh look at the zombie apocalypse as told from the initial stages of the outbreak.  We’ll be getting to learn about a whole new group of survivors in a world where the undead aren’t nearly as plentiful.

Fear The Walking Dead’s showrunner Dave Erickson recently spoke with Variety magazine about what the upcoming program will have to offer viewers.  Here is what he had to say:

"“Even though we start from a very specific family-drama place, the difficulties and conflicts they have will be quickly exacerbated by the apocalypse.”"

It’s great to hear that the drama will be amplified by the pending zombie outbreak, but hearing the words “family-drama” aren’t quite going to encourage many viewers to tune in to Fear The Walking Dead.  However, when you dangle the carrot of gore and violence along with that drama, then you’ll get people’s attention.

"“If the audience is coming to the show looking forward to seeing walkers, they’re not going to be disappointed. But it’s at a slightly different pace than the original show, and it also allows the characters to actually process what it would be like to have to put somebody down.”"

There you go, Mr. Erickson.  That’s what fans want to hear.  Death, walkers and drama.  While I love a great story as much as the next guy, “family-drama” can be found many places on television.  It’s when you sprinkle in the outside threat of zombies to go with the well told story that you get a formula for success.

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