Fear The Walking Dead: Will the show bore casual fans?


Fear The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC on August 23, 2015.  However, several media outlets have been able to watch two episodes of the upcoming series in their entirety and many of those sites have already issued their reviews on whether or not the program is worth watching.

While most of the reviews have been positive, there have been some members of the media that didn’t really enjoy Fear The Walking Dead’s first two episodes.

And while everyone is entitled to their opinion and can watch whatever they like, I have a feeling that most fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead will be tuning in to the companion series to get a taste of the undead during the long wait between season 5 and season 6.

I do have a theory though.  I think that zombie fans have been spoiled by recent seasons of The Walking Dead in terms of action and drama.  The show has run long enough that there are massive hordes of the undead, which makes danger and death nearly impossible to avoid in any event.

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Personally, I feel the negative reviews of Fear The Walking Dead are due to that level of expectations that we have from The Walking Dead.  And while Fear The Walking Dead may get to that point in the future, expecting a show that starts out during the initial stages of the outbreak to have a similar level of excitement is unrealistic, however, sites like The Chicago Tribune seem to expect that kind of feel.

First, we’ll have to learn about all the new characters and become familiar with the setting.  Next, we’ll slowly be introduced to the undead in a way that wasn’t really possible for Rick Grimes and the gang.

If Fear The Walking Dead can accomplish making us care about the characters, believe the setting, and build tension instead of providing jump scares, the series could be a massive success.  But fans will have to be patient to let these things develop.  If they expect too much too soon, fans could find themselves bored and lose interest in the series before it even has a chance to get going.

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