Fear the Walking Dead: Give ‘Fear’ a chance

FTWD 101. Teachers. AMC
FTWD 101. Teachers. AMC /

My biggest fears for Fear the Walking Dead, are that fans may not give it the chance it deserves. And that new fans may not stick with it, if it has too slow of a start. Plus, new fans who are non-zombie lovers may be turned off by the freshness of the walker gore.

Gloria and Dead druggie. FTWD. AMC.
Gloria and Dead druggie. FTWD. AMC. /

I’m not afraid for myself anymore. Tracey expressed so beautifully, in her article the little fears one might have. I’ve been taking the side of trusting the people who made a zombie fanatic out of a non-zombie, non-horror girl like me. Everything I’ve seen so far has given me hope and excitement for the show.

As a “non-zombie person”, I was able to get hooked into The Walking Dead because, aside from the fearless beginning with ‘little girl”, the walkers were so non-human looking that the walker kills and walker meals were not as nauseating as they might be with these fresh walkers. I was able to adjust slowly to the story and the gore. And I still usually squinch my eyes for the walker meals. But these fresh kills and meals might turn off the squeemish, new-to-zombie fan.

The “zombie people” may have too much story in Fear. They might want more zombies, more zombies! It seems like it will have the tension and psychological build of Hitchcock or Hanibal Lector, which really excites me.  An individual walker causing the nail-biting nervousness instead of needing hordes. The new survivors haven’t developed their Michonne-levels of multiple walkers being a piece of cake at times.

Fear the Walking Dead. Gloria. AMC
Fear the Walking Dead. Gloria. AMC /

Hopefully, because they’ve already ordered the second season, even if fans don’t get into it right away, they will get hooked at some point and never look back. Or at least have friends who tell them to “give ‘Fear’ a chance!”

In the worst case scenario, if Fear only lasts the two seasons, it will serve as a mini-series of sorts to be a companion to The Walking Dead and fill in the blanks of the beginning of the apocalypse. And that alone is worth it to me.

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