The Walking Dead Comic #145: Blood For Blood recap

The Walking Dead comics #145 - Image and Skybound
The Walking Dead comics #145 - Image and Skybound /

The Walking Dead’s comic books are at a really intense place right now.  If you haven’t read up to this point, you’ve missed several MAJOR events leading up to where we are right now.

Because of that, and the nature of this recap, I fully suggest that you not read this if you aren’t caught up.

I’ll even put one more disclaimer, just because I don’t want anyone to accidentally read any spoilers they don’t want to read.  And here it is:



The Walking Dead comics #145 - Image and Skybound
The Walking Dead comics #145 – Image and Skybound /

Alright, that’s enough warning.  Now, let’s talk comics.

We just dealt with Alpha and his group killing many of the survivors from Rick’s group in order for form a fence between the two group’s properties.  Included in the massacre was former leader of The Kingdom, Ezikiel, and the preganat Rosita.  Not to mention that Negan is on the loose and Carl seemed to side with Lydia and The Whisperers.

So what happened in The Walking Dead #145?  Honestly, not much.

This issue is full of sorrow.  The zombified heads that made up the fence were put down in a very dramatic fashion before Lydia was tackled to the ground by Michonne and interrogated about The Whisperers.  This did NOT please Carl, who pulled his gun on her.

Eventually, Michonne realized that she wasn’t helping anything by acting in this manner.  She helped Lydia up and Carl withdraws his weapon.  However, Lydia does say that the bodies of the victims were likely skinned to make more camouflage for The Whisperers.

Rick Grimes left the poles in place to act as the border between the two groups, but was is not acceptable to Michonne, who stormed off in protest.  Andrea talked to Rick about what to do next, with her saying that they should kill every one of them.  Rick wasn’t sure if that is possible.

Carl’s disposition changed when he saw the head of his friend Josh was used in the construction of the barrier.  Lydia was quick to comfort him and offers her sympathies.

But the hard part is yet to come.  The group will have to return to Alexandria and inform the residents of what happened to all these people.  That means telling Eugene that his pregnant girlfriend is now dead.  Things are going to get even more emotional when The Walking Dead returns with issue #146 on September 9, 2015.

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