Fear the Walking Dead: Frank Dillane doesn’t watch The Walking Dead or himself

Fear the Walking Dead. Promo. AMC
Fear the Walking Dead. Promo. AMC /
Frank Dillane as Nick in Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Frank Dillane as Nick in Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

Frank Dillane of the new show Fear the Walking Dead hasn’t seen the original show, and like Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead, he doesn’t watch himself either.

When Frank Dillane talked to Entertainment Weekly, he told them that he has stayed away from watching the original Walking Dead because he doesn’t want it to influence his choices.

"“My understanding is it’s a very different show and certainly different characters, so I’ve stayed clear of it. Also, I think it could be detrimental if I start to watch something I’m supposed to be a part of, if I start to imitate at least the style of that kind of show or whatever, so I stay clear.”"

FTWD 101. Teachers. AMC
FTWD 101. Teachers. AMC /

Kim Dickens was actually told by producers not to watch the show when she auditioned since she hadn’t yet seen it.  It’s probably a wise choice at first if they are not familiar with the show.

But as I mentioned in the article about Kim, I hope they eventually watch because it’s so good and I don’t want them to miss out on what is so great and related to the work they are doing.

Dillane also let Entertainment Weekly know that he’s bad about watching his own work. He seems to think that he should start to watch because he’s getting older and may want to analyze it more; however, Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, famously does not watch The Walking Dead or himself on screen.

Fear begins in less than 10 days! We will soon meet Nick and the rest of his family and the crew in Los Angeles that will be facing the walkers.

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