The Walking Dead: Buried note and blue bag from season 4

The group outside Terminus, The Walking Dead - AMC
The group outside Terminus, The Walking Dead - AMC /

During the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes was shown burying a bag of weapons (including the now famous red handled machete) near a tree outside of Terminus.  While the story had the “Termites” finding the bag and keeping the weapons for their own, the location of the actual thing that was buried in the woods is still unknown.

buried blue bag, The Walking Dead - AMC
buried blue bag, The Walking Dead – AMC /

According to the commentary feature on The Walking Dead’s season 5 DVD set, Scott M. Gimple admitted that they have no clue where they buried that dummy bag, since they changed filming locations.  But the bag isn’t full of weapons or anything like that.  Instead, it has a note for whoever was to dig it up.

Here is what The Walking Dead’s showrunner Scott M. Gimple says in the bonus feature according to the folks over at Entertainment Weekly:

"“I had buried a note for ourselves when we put the dirt back in the hole that Rick had dug, because Andy did want to dig the hole. And then we wound up shooting this in just a slightly different place. And that note is still out there somewhere.”"

I fully expect fans of The Walking Dead to be swarming the location where filming was done for Terminus in order to find this note.  Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd feels that it will be a scavenger hunt of sorts.

"“Oh my goodness. There is going to be a scavenger hunt to find the note! I hope it’s a note you don’t mind if people read.”"

That is the best question of all.  What did Scott M. Gimple write on that note?  Is it something that casual fans would understand?  Would they think of it as a prize or, at the very least, something interesting?

"“It might be a little corny,” says Gimple. “That’s about it.”"

There’s nothing wrong with corny.  In fact, I’m a man who loves puns as much (if not more) than the next guy.  And if I lived in the area or visited it frequently, it would be fun to try to track down the spot where the bag was buried.

Hopefully, whoever does find it will share what the “corny” note says when they find it.

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