Fear the Walking Dead: 5 things to take with you when civilization ends

Fear the Walking Dead promo. AMC
Fear the Walking Dead promo. AMC /

When civilization ends, it ends fast. That’s one of the slogans for AMC’s new series Fear the Walking Dead. When they asked star Ruben Blades to name 5 things he would take with him at the end of the world he said he would take 5 cans of pork and beans.

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Snappy TV video link Ruben Blades Fear the Walking Dead AMC
Snappy TV video linkRuben Blades Fear the Walking Dead AMC /

We asked our Facebook and Twitter fans to name 5 things they would take. Their answers were interesting. Narrowing it down to 5 things makes the question more fun than packing an entire apocalypse survival kit like I’ve done before.

Fear the Walking Dead. Gloria. AMC
Fear the Walking Dead. Gloria. AMC /

Many people listed their family as one thing. Some listed specific family members such as a wife a son or a brother. Weapons were big items. I’m surprised at how many people own machetes! Weapons listed included: brass knuckles with blades attached, 45s, rifles with scopes, machetes (some with the Rick Grimes red handle), knives, Beretta 92FS, AR-15, katanas, swords, baseball bats, and ammo!

Cars, trucks and gas were all on lists along with first aid type things, first aid kits, aspirin, marijuana ( I’m sure medicinal), water, lighters and canned goods, duct tape, swiss army knife and clothes.

Some of the most creative and specific answers were a compass, birth control, a deck of cards, Fruit Loops, M&Ms, Dr. Pepper, Chef Boyardee and sunglasses.

What 5 things would you take? If I’ve learned anything from The Walking Dead, it’s that you don’t keep things very long so I think I’d take small things.

My list might be a lighter, M&Ms, duct tape, binoculars and a screwdriver. I don’t know why the binoculars, but they seem to use them a lot on the Walking Dead show and they don’t seem like something you could scavenge easily.

Fear starts August 23rd at 9pm est.

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