The Walking Dead: What Would You Pack in A Zombie Survival Kit?


After watching The Walking Dead, we’ve all gained insight into the needs and uses of different tools and weapons in a zombie apocalypse.  We’ve also seen that we don’t usually stay in one place for very long and food, medicine and safety are top priorities. If we did pack or plan for a zombie apocalypse or an emergency situation of some sort, our supplies would most likely last for the beginning of the event and get us to a point where we would be safe enough to restock or regroup to get us to the next juncture in our survival.

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After watching The Walking Dead for five seasons now, what might go in a Survival Kit? Several months ago, Adam asked that question in his article,

What Would You Pack For A Zombie Outbreak?

and I commented then. My list then was as follows:


That was a pretty good list, but I’ve thought about it more since then and I would add binoculars, and a can opener. I always see them using binoculars on The Walking Dead! And they always find canned food! I would add crayons since I saw on Pinterest that a crayon will burn for 30 minutes! Adam thought of a Rubik’s cube. I think that was clever! Baby wipes might be a good idea for cleaning up any number of things.  Maybe a few spoons and a bowl, too. 

Additional items added after reading a few comments: Personal items! We always think of safety,  weapons, food, etc. I would add some travel size personal items such as toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, feminine products, razors, baby powder, etc. And a bunch of cheap toothbrushes! Also, from my experience as a teacher I would pack safety pins! You wouldn’t believe how often safety pins came in handy!

What are some things that have crossed your mind as things that would come in handy during a zombie apocalypse? Are there things that you would pack in a Survival Kit that would make you the hero of the group? Something that would make people say, “However did you think to pack that? You’re a genius!”  Share your genius ideas in the comments!

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