The Walking Dead joked about in ‘Ride Along 2’ trailer

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, Ride Along 2 trailer still - YouTube
Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, Ride Along 2 trailer still - YouTube /

While I’m a huge fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead, I also have other interests.  I love watching comedy and horror movies in my free time.  Whenever a new movie starring Kevin Hart is released, I always seem to put that film at the top of my list to watch.

Due to the popularity of the movie “Ride Along”, a sequel was made.  The first film was hugely entertaining to me, so of course when I heard that a trailer had been released for it I had to watch it.  To my surprise, the end of the trailer made a nod to The Walking Dead in a way that is both interesting and hilarious.

Here is the trailer from the official Universal Pictures YouTube account:

As you can tell, Ben Barber (Kevin Hart, “The Wedding Ringer” and “Get Hard”) still has that itchy trigger finger from the first film.  When startled by a box dropped by A.J. (Ken Jeong, “Community” and “The Hangover”), something familiar happens as Ben shoots someone unnecessarily when being startled.

"“Again?!”  James Peyton (Ice Cube, “Friday” and “21 Jump Street”) exclaimed after seeing a repeat of Ben’s jumpy nature.“My nerves is bad, man.” Ben said apologetically before he realized that the man he shot in the chest was getting up. “Oh my god.  He’s a zombie.  Head shot!  Walking Dead!”"

Of course, fans of The Walking Dead know that the “z” word isn’t used on The Walking Dead, and that’s something that makes the joke even funnier to fans of the AMC zombie drama.  We all know that a head shot is an efficient way to down a walker, but great to see this humorous take on a show that many people take very seriously.

Ride Along 2 is scheduled to hit theaters in January of 2016.  Also, AMC’s The Walking Dead will return on October 11, 2015 for the hit show’s 6th season.

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