The Walking Dead: Message from Woodbury – phone number

The Walking Dead: Town of Woodbury seal - WoodburyIsWaiting Instagram
The Walking Dead: Town of Woodbury seal - WoodburyIsWaiting Instagram /

The “package from Woodbury” situation just keeps getting stranger and stranger.  If you aren’t caught up to this point, check out our previous article about this topic.

Otherwise, let’s keep rolling.  The words on the back of the photographs spelled out #WoodburyIsWaiting when put together.  That hashtag has become the way to discuss this phenomenon on Twitter.

We got a little more information when popular The Walking Dead vlogger Ronny Haze posted this to his Twitter account today.

I personally called the number and recorded the call, uploading it to my YouTube account.  The 912 area code is for the area around Savannah, Vidalia, Waycross, Brunswick, Douglas and Southeastern Georgia with the number registered to a wireless phone customer.

Here is the result of the phone call if you are not likely to dial the number on your own:

In case you can’t view the video above, here is the text of what was said in the call:

"“The following message is transmitted at the request of the National Emergency Hotline:  An unknown event is underway across the eastern United States.  Residents of Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia are instructed to shelter and place, turn off all lights, lock all doors, and remain quiet for their own safety.  Citizens are advised to relocate to the most secure areas of the residence.  Please remain calm and check back tomorrow for continued updates.”"

Then, the call acts as though it is hanging up, although it isn’t.  A message that is supposed to be from the phone provider followed.

"“The calling party disconnected.  I’m sorry, your balance has reached zero.  Please add money now.  Your next payment is due before 103 days.”"

I don’t know the significance of 103 days.  Upon counting, my co-editor Susan and I have determined that the date will be November 30, 2015 when those days are up.  Perhaps this is the release date of something or the date when a major bombshell will be dropped on The Walking Dead’s universe.

However, if you visit the Instagram account of woodburyiswaiting, you will see another of what looks to be a choose your own adventure type mobile game similar to The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning.

Could this be the next chapter in that series?  If so, why is it receiving this much hype?  Or is that date significant for a different event in The Walking Dead’s future that is just plain escaping my mind?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I’m sure we’ll be back with more on this developing story tomorrow.

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