The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead: Little girl and Gloria are the first walkers and the first words of their shows

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Way back when we knew very little about Fear the Walking Dead, I wondered what the first words, the first scene, the first minutes of the show were going to be. What would be our absolute first introduction to the new world and the new show we hope to love. We already have a connection to the show and have been reading so much about it, so it’s even more interesting.

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I don’t know how it was for most people when they were first introduced to The Walking Dead. I don’t know if there were previews and articles to get to know the characters ahead of time, unless, of course, you were a comic reader. When I first saw the Walking Dead, I had no idea about what I was going to see.

The opening scene of “little girl” was so simple and intimate and so powerful and it let us know so many things in just those few minutes. We learned things about the show and “about” the show. We learned the show was going to be bold. Killing a little girl, walker or not, is pretty courageous.

We learned that walkers were dangerous and that although Rick’s face let us know they were to be pitied, they were also to be killed. We saw that this situation the uniformed man was in had been going on awhile–abandoned cars, tents and toys, flies buzzing around dead heads.

Now that the first three minutes of Fear the Walking Dead have been revealed, we know what the first words are. It’s actually a first word, repeated, “Gloria.”

I am very pleased. The first words of each show pay respect to the first on-screen walkers we meet.

The first three minutes and the first words of Fear let us know that this show, too, is going to be bold. I hoped it would be. As bold and fearless as the original.

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Gloria and Nick represent a very different world than that of Rick and bunny slipper girl. Nick’s face when he sees Gloria turn around after calling out her name has none of the pity or recognition or resignation that Rick’s face had when he saw little girl.

Nick knows his walker by name, but doesn’t know what she is or what in the world has happened to her. Rick doesn’t know the little girl’s name, but he knows exactly what she is and what in the world has happened to her.

Fear the Walking Dead has the exact Hitchcockian theatrical suspense and camera angles that I was so hoping for it!

Little girl. Gloria. First words. First walkers.

P.S. People have been very focused on how Fear will be different or how it will make its own way. I’ve written about how I think it needs to be similar as well and that I think it’s doing everything right so far. The first words and first walkers make me very happy. I’m more enthusiastic about this show than I could have anticipated.

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