The Walking Dead: Message from Woodbury – phone call #4


Another day, some more interactions from the cryptic phone number, the WoodburyIsWaiting Instagram account and the website concerning some news regarding The Walking Dead that we don’t quite know yet.

Today, I got the phone call from Woodbury before I noticed the message changing for the number that you call.  After giving it a listen, we’ve got something really new going on in this message that could help us figure out what is going on with this whole situation.

Here is the call that I got from Woodbury today:

This has the same type of message that previous called have, but instead it offers a promo code “Kilo Bravo Radar Alpha Five Seven” or, for us civilians, KBRA57.  Right now, I’m not really sure where to enter that information, as any place I can find on the site of phone doesn’t offer an input of letters to go with numbers.  Also, the locations that are and are not compromised are listed according to code name along with their current status.

The photo from the video came from the WoodburyIsWaiting Instagram and Twitter account.  Here is that post:

Five days?  Five days until what?  In five days, it will be Thursday, August 27th.  As of now, that date holds little or no significance to me as a fan of The Walking Dead.  Hopefully, more will be revealed about this as time goes on as well.

As for the phone call when dialing Woodbury, the call didn’t change much.  Still a garbled transmission with the opportunity to enter a location code.  Here was my result when dialing:

And, of course, the countdown on the phone continues.

The picture from the video comes from the WoodburyIsWaiting twitter account again, with the images of blood being stained on something with what looks to be weird boxes in the background.  I have no clue what this is.

Finally, we have the website.  That was updated today to where only one settlement is not in the red.  AE24 is the location and it appears to be in northeastern Russia.  I haven’t received any other email besides the confirmation after entering signing up, but I look forward to finding out what this website is all about and the connection to WoodburyIsWaiting and the creepy phone calls regarding The Walking Dead.

I’ll likely be back with more tomorrow!  Until then, let’s try to figure this thing out!

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