Fear the Walking Dead: Pilot Recap

Frank Dillane as Nick in Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Frank Dillane as Nick in Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead

The Pilot episode of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead introduces us to the Clark family, primarily through the drug addicted son, Nick, and to the beginning of the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles.

Nick and Gloria

Everyone was dead. Blood all over her mouth. She came at me, She was eating them. She was eating them.

We begin with Nick waking up in an abandoned church with graffiti covered walls where he has spent the night. Stumbling around calling for his pal Gloria, he sees a bloody dead body then he finds Gloria, who turns around from her meal of another dead body, her mouth  bloody, knife in her torso, walking toward her pal as a new, fresh meal.

Gloria, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Nick runs out of the church and is run over by a car. Restrained in the hospital, he opens up to his future step father. He’s worried that he got bad drugs or he’s insane. He doesn’t want to be insane. He tells Travis,  “Everyone was dead. Blood all over her mouth. She came at me, She was eating them. She was eating them.”


Madison is trying to help Nick, but she’s been through this before with his drug use. Madison is a guidance counselor at a high school. She is in a new relationship with Travis trying to blend their families. She thinks Travis is trying to help her son, Nick, in an effort to repair his relationship with his own son, Chris.


Alycia is smart and is just waiting to get out of high school and get away to Berkeley. She has a boyfriend and is assuring him that Berkeley isn’t that far. She loves her brother, but doesn’t care for all the drama his drug abuse brings into her life. She’s also dealing with adjusting to her mom’s boyfriend.

Liza and Chris

Liza is Travis’ ex-wife and Chris is Travis’ son. Chris is apparently not happy about hanging out with Nick as a brother and is acting out against his father not wanting to see him on his weekend.


Travis seems to believe that there is more to Nick’s story and goes to the church and sees that something bad happened there. Travis’ lesson in class today is about Jack London and Man vs. Nature–How not to die. That nature always wins.


A young student that comes to talk to Madison about reports he’s heard about a virus or microbes or something. And it’s spreading. Madison tells him the authorities would know about it and he’s on the Internet too much.

Action time

Things are starting to go down. There’s a video on the news of a man getting shot and he keeps coming. School gets let out early. Tobias looks knowingly at Madison from the window of the yellow school bus.

Frank Dillane as Nick in Fear the Walking Dead, AMC /

Meanwhile, Nick has escaped from the hospital and gone to meet his drug dealer to see if his drugs were laced with something to cause these hallucinations.   His drug dealer takes him out to a remote location to get rid of him so Madison and Travis won’t find out that he is Nick’s drug connection as Madison and Travis questioned him earlier in the day.

A struggle gunshot goes off killing Calvin, the drug dealer. Nick runs and Madison and Travis have caught up to him and found him, Nick confesses about Cal. But Cal isn’t where Nick left him. As the three start to drive off, there is walker Cal.

The idea that Madison and Travis don’t know anything about walkers is evident. Madison walks right up to him, Nick tries to run him over. But he’s still mobile. A second running over. Cal doesn’t get up again, but he’s still moving and animated. Madison and Travis wonder aloud about what is going on.

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