Talking Dead: The Walking Dead Season 6 Preview recap


Talking Dead usually follows our favorite episodes of The Walking Dead.  We’ve grown used to seeing Chris Hardwick’s face on the screen following some of the most dramatic moments in the history of the series.  However, things are getting changed up a bit for this episode.

Instead of following The Walking Dead, Talking Dead instead is doing a preview special for season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  This will lead right into the series premiere for the companion series Fear The Walking Dead.

Here are the highlights of this episode of Talking Dead:


Scott M. Gimple (showrunner, The Walking Dead), Talking Dead - AMC
Scott M. Gimple (showrunner, The Walking Dead), Talking Dead – AMC /

Jorge Garcia and Scott M. Gimple are the guests.

Scott M. Gimple says season 6 is massive and “ginormous”, with the cast and crew trying to figure out how they pulled off the insane scripts they were given.

Gimple says episode 9 of season 6 of The Walking Dead could break the record for most walkers that episode 1 of season 6 will break when it premieres.

The importance of Daryl Dixon to the show was mentioned less than 5 minutes in, discussing how much people love the character and people would quit watching when/if he were to be killed off.

Characters are going to die.  It will upset viewers, but Chris Hardwick hates being the first face people see after their beloved characters on The Walking Dead die.

Scott M. Gimple says even dead characters still have tales to tell.  Because of that, it’s hard to tell when characters will be killed off the show.

The “Kill of season 5” award went to Noah, for his revolving door death.


Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Lennie James was in a video discussing his training with a bo staff for his fight scenes during season 6 of The Walking Dead and how it has become an obsession for him at home and even the grocery store looking for cheese.

We will learn about how Morgan learned to use a bo staff for the story, and that it actually does involve cheese in some way, but the cheese will only be featured in one episode.

Morgan and Rick will see some conflict going on based on their belief structure and the new impressions when they met at the end of season 5.

Scott M. Gimple confirmed Rick killed Pete at the end of season 5 and did NOT put Reg Monroe out of his misery.

Fans think Morgan and Rick will become faithful friends during season 6 of The Walking Dead.  (85% of the vote)

Video: Greg Nicotero discussing setting the stage for The Walking Dead’s sixth season with that first episode.  He says the season premiere will be full of clues as to what will happen during the course of the season.


Michonne, The Walking Dead - AMC
Michonne, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Danai Gurira discussed the role of Michonne’s katana and its impact on both the character and what the weapon represented during the season finale.

Cheese is now trending worldwide thanks to The Walking Dead.

The group discusses as to whether or not Michonne feels guilty for having her weapon available for Pete to kill reg.

Father Gabriel’s attempted walker suicide was discussed as well as his clash with Sasha in the church.  Sasha’s PTSD is also referenced.

A fan asked what the most difficult episode to shoot was.  Scott M. Gimple said 401.  And then 501.  The season premieres.  And now, it has become the season 6 premiere.

Hardwick reminds the audience that The Walking Dead’s season 6 premiere is 90 minutes long.

Dale’s RV set from McFarlane toys was showcased.  It is a fun little set.  It was given to the fan show asked the question as well as EVERYONE in the audience.

The LIVE QUIZ was next, which I did not participate in since I was writing this review.


Dale Horvath, The Walking Dead - AMC
Dale Horvath, The Walking Dead – AMC /

INSIDE THE DEAD was shown.  It revealed nods to Dawn of the Dead as well as the link between Dale’s quote and the episode names of season 5.

A sneak peek of some of the new characters were done by the wardrobe designer.  It focused on Carter’s plaid shirt.  Next was Heath, a runner with Glenn who wears more heavy clothing.  Dr. Denise was announced as hiding away in the infirmary, but with clothes that blend in to her surroundings.

Gimple says two of those characters are from the comics and one is an amalgam of a couple other characters.

Up next, Garcia talked about stealthy Carol and her homemaker act. They think she should continue playing possom.  Meanwhile, the fans voted that Carol can be trusted to babysit any kids! (76%)

The “W” in the walkers heads were discussed by a caller.  Scott M. Gimple confirms that The Wolves are doing this and they have a code and reason for mutilating the bodies.

The season 6 premiere party sweepstakes was pushed by Chris Hardwick.


Abraham Ford, The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Michael Cudlitz talked about loving fans and enjoying conventions.  He won’t say “Who’s Deanna?!” because fans want him to yell it.  But he loves the other off the wall quotes he has dropped.

Chris Hardwick Funcomfortable tour was then advertised.

Who is the better Batman: Reedus or Lincoln?  Scott M. Gimple and Jorge Garcia both say Andrew Lincoln would make a great Batman or Joker.

Gimple confirms that The Wolves have taken down at least two settlements, with this being their calling card.

Garcia’s movie “Cooties” is advertised.

The Fear The Walking Dead season finale will have a Talking Dead special.

Denise Huth recaps the end of season 5 and discusses the pressures facing Alexandria on The Walking Dead.


Sasha, The Walking Dead - AMC
Sasha, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Season 6 premiere teaser video.  It showed Sasha and Abraham in a car, with Abraham questioning whether or not Sasha is impaired.  Meanwhile, she discusses how what they were doing is important…but we don’t know why yet.

The season 6 The Walking Dead premiere fires out of a cannon and hits the ground running according to Gimple.

A teaser for Fear The Walking Dead was run.  It is the video from the AMC YouTube account about learning the characters heading into the show.

Thanks go out to the guests and the show is over!

And now, it’s time for the series premiere of Fear The Walking Dead!  Thanks everyone for reading!

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