The Walking Dead: Message from Woodbury – phone call #5

The Walking Dead promotional image - WoodburyIsWaiting, Twitter
The Walking Dead promotional image - WoodburyIsWaiting, Twitter /

Another day, another call from Woodbury.  I have to say, I thought that they would take the day off from this since Fear The Walking Dead’s series premiere is tonight, but those folks over at The Walking Dead are pretty hardcore.

So, once again today my phone rang from that crazy phone number down in Georgia.  This time, it was the woman who called two days ago giving me some more information about what is going on in her settlement.

Here is the call from my personal YouTube account:

The woman on the other end is in a group that is running out of supplies.  However, before she could pass off any information about her location or any other specifics, the phone call was cut short when she found herself in danger.  Hopefully this will lead to another phone call from a different location trying to “recruit” me to bring some supplies and join them as a survivor.

The refuge might be necessary, as it appears from the number that you dial for Woodbury that things are now out of hand all over the world.  Here is the message when the number is dialed today:

Meanwhile, the folks over at WoodburyIsWaiting are continuing their countdown. There are now four days remaining until whatever the announcement will be over there.

Accompanying the countdown today were two other very interesting images.  The first was what appeared to be a dirty hand (I won’t speculate as what it is, because it looks like someone doesn’t know how to wipe properly and things got REALLY out of hand).  Anyway, here is the picture:

The other is a short video showing that essentially every area on the map is now overrun and nowhere is safe.

This short video shows essentially what the website is displaying today.  Again, I have received no email about this promotion after signing up.  I hope that will become a regular part of the promotion in addition to the weird phone calls and countdowns.

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