Fear the Walking Dead: Mixed reviews on social media for the pilot episode

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The Pilot

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The wait is over. Fear the Walking Dead has begun with its 90-minute premiere episode. The reviews are mixed on social media. Even the positive reviews admit that the show is off to a slow start. That is something that is not a surprise though. I believe that the producers have been trying to prepare us for the slow start. Trying to get us excited enough and invested enough to stick with it and give it a chance.

A few weeks ago I wrote that one of my biggest fears for Fear the Walking Dead was that viewers might not give it the chance it deserves. I had a feeling the slow “Pit and the Pendulum” boredom and build up might be too much.

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It’s a 6 episode season. I hope viewers can look at it like a mini-series and stick with it before deciding if they want to abandon it for season 2. I’m all for the Hitchcockian boredom building to the “not-realizing-all-of-a-sudden-I’m-hooked” turning point.

Here’s some social media reaction:


Scott Dombroske: Absolutely loved it!   Tension throughout!

Ativa Young: It was great and very suspenseful for a first episode. Seeing patient zero was awesome!!!

Glen Springer: I expected it to start slow to introduce characters & establish where they are at in this point in their lives but it started a little too slow for me. I enjoyed it but I hope it gets better as they realize/discover what the epidemic is.

Brett Jenkins: Ehh

Mickey Ashby: Its just the beginning and some of you already hating? It’ll get better just watch 😉

Corey La: Disaster so far

Will Diaz: Pretty good, pretty slow but i liked it

Corry Osowski: Didn’t care for it so far.


What did you think?

So what did you think? Are you going to keep watching? If you didn’t like it as much as you has hoped, do you think it will improve for you?  Do you think you will be a Fear the Walking Dead fan?

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