Fear The Walking Dead: Will the characters learn to survive? [Discussion]

Michael Tiberi and Su Castillo, Fear The Walking Dead After Show - TheStream.TV
Michael Tiberi and Su Castillo, Fear The Walking Dead After Show - TheStream.TV /

After watching the pilot episode of Fear The Walking Dead, it is pretty clear that these characters aren’t well prepared to deal with a walker outbreak.  In fact, at this point in the infection, people are still in disbelief and are trying to figure things out.

Still, it will take a long time for the survivors to learn the skills it will take to survive and deal with walkers the way that they have on The Walking Dead.  However, by the time they figure it out, it could be too late for at least some of the characters.

This week, TheStream.TV’s Fear The Walking Dead After Show began.  With it, we sent them over this very question from one of our readers on Facebook.  Here is what Rocky J Manero had to ask:

"“Do you think at any stage the characters in Fear The Walking Dead will ever get to a point where they will “deal” with the Walkers, or will they become another group that helplessly perish like the millions of others since the outbreak?”"

Luckily for us, the Fear The Walking Dead After Show hosts, Su Castillo and Michael Tiberi answered this question in an exclusive clip for us at Undead Walking. Here is what they had to say:

There was some great insight in their answer.  They are totally right in the fact that Travis, Madison, and Nick are all well on their path to being able to deal with the undead.  We saw that at the end of the episode when Travis’ truck became a weapon.  But it will take a while for them to apply what they’ve learned into a skill set for survival.

I think we’ll see a lot of that kind of adaptation over the course of the first season and even into the following seasons of Fear The Walking Dead.  This progression could be similar to the arc we’ve seen from Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, where he slowly learned that he can’t be the voice of reason or act in a reactionary manner all the time.

What do you guys think?  Are these survivors going to learn to deal with the walkers like professionals or will we lose some of the main characters while trying to perfect their survival skills?  Let us know in the comments below.

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