The Walking Dead: Missed call from Woodbury

The Walking Dead teaser, WoodburyIsWaiting - Twitter
The Walking Dead teaser, WoodburyIsWaiting - Twitter /

Information keeps coming in regarding this The Walking Dead mystery that started with some packages from Woodbury.  Since then, it has evolved into a goose chase, involving social media, websites, phone numbers, calling lists, and more.

First, let’s talk about the phone call.

Sadly, I missed today’s call from Woodbury.  However, it still did contain a piece of information that I hadn’t heard before.  Here is the call from my personal YouTube account:

The woman’s voice this time at least identifies herself as Lori.  Otherwise, I didn’t get much interaction as I didn’t catch the call when it came in, but at least that is something.

Meanwhile, over on the WoodburyIsWaiting twitter account, the countdown continued.  Now, there are only two days remaining until…well, the countdown is over.  I’m not sure what that means, but it likely means something.

Also, WoodburyIsWaiting also posted a graphic with tons of Twitter user names covering the map that has been used for showing the infected areas.

Finally, the biggest one of the day was this share, again from WoodburyIsWaiting.  This is the audio of a call from Lori discussing the recipient of the call possibly joining her groups of survivors.  We’ll hopefully learn more about this tomorrow.

I didn’t notice any significant change to today.  It is still completely overrun.  It appears as though the focus of this promotion has moved from the site to the phone calls and twitter account for now.  We’ll know more about the Lori situation tomorrow with hopefully something big being announced when the WoodburyIsWaiting countdown reaches zero.

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