Fear the Walking Dead: Behind-the-scenes video-Innocence

Frank Dillane as Nick in Fear the Walking Dead, AMC
Frank Dillane as Nick in Fear the Walking Dead, AMC /
Fear the Walking Dead, AMC /

In a behind-the-scenes video of Fear the Walking Dead from AMC, we see the Pilot episode and hear from actors and producers about the characters in LA.  AMC has provided quite a bit of bonus material for us with video extras and teasers.

I think they made a bit of a mistake with releasing some of the material too soon before the pilot aired and I’ve already written about that, but I love looking at the behind-the-scenes footage and interviews after-the-fact. Here is one of AMC’s video extras for the pilot.

Travis Manawa. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC. /

I love hearing about the idea that we know so much more than the characters. That was a funny comment that I heard on social media–how stupid it was of Travis to go to the church at night alone. But he’s a man about fixing things. And he didn’t anticipate anything horrible. He probably thought he’d find some druggie kids he could question or something else innocuous. We know the depth of the horrors to expect. They don’t.

We are at the beginning. The beginning beginning. We’re not Rick at the beginning, Rick had a Morgan to teach him about what everything meant and what to do. Rick got a quick education when he woke up. Our new group is going to get a very gradual education.

Tobias. Fear the Walking Dead, AMC. /

I loved the line from the video clip of the cops shooting the man and the voice says something like, “Why is it still coming?” The same thing Shane asked Hershel. But Shane was trying to teach Hershel with his question. This guy’s question was a real question. He was incredulous.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they start to address these things. Will they try to restrain them? Will they try to quarantine them? Kill  them? Then bury them? Burn them? Will things happen way too fast for any of that to even be possible? Will there be rioting? Looting? Prepping? Moving? Shelters? News reports? Help? Communities?

Gloria, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

How long will it take before the herds take over and only small pockets of people remain? What kinds of weapons will they use? What kinds of villains might emerge in season 2  or 3 or 4, if we’re lucky enough to continue?

Where is Matt? Please let Tobias live! Will we have romance? Will Chris and Liza escape with the Clarks and make a true blended family? Will we see Gloria again? Will Nick put her down?

What questions do you have about Fear the Walking Dead?  How long will the innocence last? Do you like seeing behind-the-scenes footage and interviews?

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