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The Walking Dead: Road To Survival announcement
The Walking Dead: Road To Survival announcement /

For at least a week now, speculation has been flying about what all these packages from Woodbury, phone calls, social media posts and were all about in regards to an announcement for The Walking Dead.  Now we know.

The announcement that came down today is for a new mobile game called The Walking Dead: Road To Survival.  Here is the description of the game in the email that I received this morning:

"“Will you join The Governor or put an end to his tyranny? Battle between life and the undead, recruit iconic survivors like Rick, Glenn and Michonne to join your team and make game-altering decisions on your journey to survive.”"

Robert Kirkman himself even took to YouTube to help promote this The Walking Dead: Road To Survival, which he feels fans of The Walking Dead will really enjoy.  Here is that video from the The Walking Dead: Road To Survival YouTube account:

Scopely and Skybound have teamed together to bring fans this game that is rated Mature (17+).  Personally, I have downloaded the game to my HTC One M8 and have attempted to launch it close to 20 times in order to let you guys know what kind of game this is and give you a bit of a heads-up on what the gameplay is like, but it crashes for me every time it reaches the home screen.  Not a great sign for me.

However, some other folks have been playing the game, which is now available in the Apple store as well as on Google Play.  Here are their impressions of the game and the chase that led us here:

Personally, I’m a bit disappointed that all this led to a mobile game, but that was what my first instinct was when this promotion started.  After that, my mind started drifting and I got caught up in the fun of trying to figure out all these codes and dates that I lost my initial focus and let my creative juices take over.

And while I’m a little disappointed by the payoff for the chase, the icing on the cake for me is that I still haven’t been able to play this game, as it is constantly crashing before I can do so.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to put in a little time with it soon so I can write-up a review, but for now I’m just kind of stuck sitting here wondering what to do now that the chase is over.

**UPDATE** 8/27/15 2:22 pm: The official Walking Dead: RTS Twitter account responded to one of my tweets about being frustrated with my inability to play the game.  I was told to follow the account for a DM.  I had previously followed them when earlier in the day, so I decided to send them a direct message.  The reply message from them was an apology that included the email address to repeat my problem to the folks at Scopely.  They could have just given me that info without the follow and DM, but instead trolled me a bit for a follow on a game that I still can’t get to work.

Links to download the game:



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