Norman Reedus open to a ‘Daryl and Merle prequel’ show


With Daryl Dixon as one of the most popular characters on AMC’s The Walking Dead and Michael Rooker (the man who played his brother Merle Dixon) gaining even more popularity through the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, there’s no doubt that people would love to see these two characters get together again and raise some hell.

The two characters are not a part of The Walking Dead’s comic book franchise and are not in the novels, so fans have already starting kicking around an idea about having a spin-off from the show where the story of Daryl and Merle Dixon would be told in a prequel-type manner.

Of course, this would likely be ratings gold, but there are so many other things going on with The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, and Skybound Entertainment that starting another project right now might be a crazy idea.  However, it sounds like if it were up to Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker, this idea isn’t as unlikely as you’d think of an idea down the road, particularly after Reedus’ run on The Walking Dead ends.

On Twitter recently, a person with the name 34inXXIII threw the idea out to Norman Reedus.  Here was that tweet:

To which Norman Reedus replied:

Okay, so we know that Norman Reedus sounds really interested in the potential project, but what does Michael Rooker think of the possibility of bringing Merle back to take on some undead foes?  We found that out way back at Fan Expo 2013 in Vancouver, Canada.

Here is the video of that question from the YouTube account of freakytlc (it’s the first question):

Not really too clear of an answer from Mr. Rooker, but it sure is something pretty cool to think about.  When The Walking Dead eventually comes to an end, I wouldn’t mind seeing Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker reprise their roles as the Dixon Brothers and take on some zombie hordes.

Hopefully, Robert Kirkman has heard this idea and keeps it in the back of his mind for when the time is right.

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