The Walking Dead season 6: ‘most suffocating beginning’ yet


The Walking Dead has a tradition of raising the bar for each season premiere on AMC.

Honestly, I’m not sure anything can top the season 5 premiere titled ‘Conquer’, which featured Carol Peletier going Rambo on Terminus in order to save her friends.  There was a lot of action, including many deaths, hordes of walkers, explosions, fire, and much, much more!

So how will the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead compete with that?  Well, Lauren Cohan assures us that we have quite a bit to look forward to when the show returns on October 11, 2015.

Cohan recently was the subject of an interview on the Entertainment Weekly website where she discussed the insane action sequences and bringing them to life on the small screen.  However, even the actress who plays Maggie Greene found things to be overwhelming during the early stages of season 6.

"“I don’t know if anybody has said this yet but we always joke that the writers write these amazing action sequences from air-conditioned offices,” says Cohan. “And I think this season is no exception and definitely rises above. We have the most suffocating beginning to the season that I’ve experienced yet.”"

Photo Credit: The Walking Dead AMC
Photo Credit: The Walking Dead AMC /

Suffocating is an interesting word.  This gives me the impression that the script that was handed down is overwhelming and complicated.  However, after seeing how much work goes into each season premiere of The Walking Dead to get a great start to the story that will follow.

That story will get even more interesting, as the group at Alexandria will attempt to become more civilized unit while protecting what they have.

"“And I think what’s been really interesting is that you see us all kind of make strides in the direction of civility or civilization and a more regimented society,” says Cohan. “And it’s about being really challenged. So we’ll see a ton of challenges and we’ll see people the audience has been introduced to as very stable reliable characters crumbling, and I think it’s going to be pretty scary. Welcome to The Walking Dead.”"

Here is the full interview that was hosted on the Entertainment Weekly website:

The Walking Dead’s season 6 premiere will air on AMC on October 11, 2015.  Don’t miss what sounds like a massive and inspired episode after the long break.

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