Fear The Walking Dead: Episode 2 – Who knows what?


Let me start by saying that I definitely enjoyed episode 2 of Fear The Walking Dead. I enjoyed the pacing, seeing a few new characters, and the elevated threat levels. With that said, I still struggle with many questions. It would make sense for there to be a lot of unknowns at this point, but my questions have more to do with who possesses knowledge of the infected, to what degree, and how they act upon it. Let’s take a look at some of the characters and their experience thus far:

Tobias is the first to express any concern about this “virus” being of epidemic proportions. It is suggested that he is getting much of his information from the Internet. He also appears to have a history of trying to protect himself from threats, bullies for one. Is he one of those people who is always on high alert about some impending threat? He definitely sees the infected principal as a threat, but clearly doesn’t know how to eliminate said threat. Conclusion: Tobias knows there is a serious threat that requires a response. But he doesn’t know how to respond.

Nick obviously has first hand experience with the horrors that are unfolding. However, his drug problem makes the report of his first encounter seem unreliable. But after seeing Calvin reanimate, his experience in the church is validated and he is no longer doubtful that some posthumous version of human life now feasts on the living.

Nick, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Nick, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Nick most accurately embodies my point of view as an audience member. He’s asking the questions I want to answered! Why aren’t people more panicked? Shouldn’t we be warning others? Conclusion: Nick knows firsthand what’s going on and wants to do something about it.

Alicia and Matt:
Alicia appears to know very little of the threat unfolding. So, I think her desire to stay with Matt seems quite normal. Alicia sees her boyfriend suffering with a fever while his parents are out-of-town. What girlfriend, or any friend for that matter, would think it would be okay to leave him alone? Travis and Madison, of course, suspect this illness has to do with the “dead” preying on the living. Yet they think they can simply tell her to stay away because she might get sick, and his parents are coming home? Travis and Matt exchange “knowing” looks and Matt firmly tells Alicia to go. So, what exactly does Matt know? He knows he has been bitten by “someone”. But we have no evidence that he understands anything else beyond that. So, why would he be so willing to let them all leave him alone to suffer? Wouldn’t he be seeking more help from them? Conclusion: Alicia knows nothing and is begrudgingly being ordered around by others. Matt acts like he knows more than we think he does.

Madison knows what she saw with Calvin. She is extremely wary of Matt’s “illness”. She knows of Nick’s experience in the church. She believes retreat to the desert is necessary. Yet she is not more suspect of her friend Artie, the principal? She actually approaches him? She puts herself in harm’s way? Conclusion: Madison knows a lot but seems to “forget” it on occasion.

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I believe Travis wants to believe Nick from the beginning. He wants to understand and investigates further by visiting the church building. His concerns are then validated when he sees Calvin. He knows Matt’s illness could be threatening. He knows he needs to protect his family and begins gathering them together. Conclusion: Travis has seen the threat firsthand and is taking appropriate action based on said knowledge.

I will withhold discussion of the Salazar family’s knowledge, as well as that of Liza and Chris until we see more of them. Meanwhile, what do you feel you know about the threat in Fear The Walking Dead? Are the “facts” adding up? Or, do you see what appear to be inconsistencies? Is it just too early to try to make sense of it all? Personally, I’m a big fan of analyzing characters’ motivations in the storyline and I look forward to getting to know all of these characters (and more!)

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