Fear The Walking Dead: Where is Gloria? Will she return? [Discussion]

Gloria, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Gloria, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Fear The Walking Dead started out with a huge BANG when the first scene of the series involved a character named Nick waking up in a drug den and searching for his companion Gloria.  Those that watched the episode already know that Gloria had sadly become a member of the undead and when Nick finally found her he was shocked to see her eating a man’s face.  He sprinted out from the church and ran into the street, only to be hit by a car.

But what happened to zombie Gloria?  Is she still in the church somewhere?  Did she wander off to another part of the city?  And will we see her again in an upcoming episode of Fear The Walking Dead?

Shaggy Sneed, one of our readers on Facebook, was wondering the same thing and sent in the following question:

"“What happened to zombie Gloria when Travis went to check out the church? And do you think we’ll see her again in a later episode?”"

We passed that question along to our friends at TheStream.tv‘s Fear The Walking Dead After Show. who gave us their opinions on what is going on with Gloria and whether or not we’ll see her again.  Here are what the show’s hosts Su Castillo and Michael Tiberi had to say:

Personally, I think there is a chance that we could see zombie Gloria again.  It would be a nice recall to the beginning of the program and possibly even help bring a little closure to Nick if he was the one that comes into contact with her.

Gloria and victim. Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Gloria and victim. Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Still, it might be better if that doesn’t happen.  Leaving zombie Gloria out of the rest of the program could help keep that sense of wonder for hardcore fans as well as keep the show moving forward instead of taking a glance backwards.

The location of Gloria is still a complete mystery.  It’s possible that she’s in a part of the church that Travis didn’t search when he went there.  She also could have wandered outside into the streets of Los Angeles.  Either way, I do have a gut feeling that we won’t see from her again, either in zombie form or in a flashback.

What do you guys think?  Where is Gloria?  And will we see her again?  Let us know in the comments below.  In the meantime, be sure to check out our friends at theStream.tv and tweet to them on Twitter using the hashtag #FearTWDAS.  Plus, you can interact with the folks from TheStream.tv using their social media accounts:

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