The Walking Dead actor’s stalker agrees to plea deal

Allen, The Walking Dead - AMC
Allen, The Walking Dead - AMC /

A Roswell, Georgia woman recently agreed to a plea deal that will give her 10 years of probation for stalking an actor from AMC’s The Walking Dead as well as his wife.

According to WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta, Kathryn Boykin develeoped an unhealthy obsession with Daniel May and his wife, Rachel following his appearance on the hit zombie drama where he played a character named Allen during the show’s third season.  That stalking led to her accepting a plea deal that put her on probation for 10 years and forbids her to contact Daniel or his wife.

Here is the video of the news story from the WSB-TV website:

Daniel May and his wife issued a restraining order five months before her arrest.  Boykin was accused of creating multiple social media accounts to harass the May family and accused Daniel of several crimes and posted multiple harassing statements online while sending very unpleasant emails to the couple.

Allen, The Walking Dead - AMC
Allen, The Walking Dead – AMC /

10 years of probation is a strong punishment, but that says a lot for how powerful the messages that she was posting and sending to the May family were.  Another condition of Boykin’s plea deal is that she is not allowed access to the internet and must maintain mental health medication and treatment.

The Walking Dead is a fantastic show with great characters and wonderful actors and actresses.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a fan, but there is a line that cannot be crossed.  Please remember to be respectful to celebrities on social media and even in person if that opportunity arises.  These are just other human being trying to live their lives in the spotlight and don’t need the negativity and harassment that can become a part of being a public figure.

Stay classy, The Walking Dead fans!

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