The Walking Dead: Fake spoilers inspired by Chris Hardwick and @midnight

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On his show @midnight last year Chris Hardwick had Lauren Cohan,  Josh McDermitt, and Robert Kirkman give fake spoilers about The Walking Dead. Take a look at that segment



Recently, on Undead Walking’s Facebook and Twitter, I posted the screen shot from that show and asked our fans to come up with Walking Dead and/or Fear the Walking Dead fake spoilers. The answers were so great, I had to share some of them with you!

Fake Spoiler Alert!

Popular fake spoilers: Rick wakes up from the coma and it was all a dream.

Daryl takes a shower!

My fake spoilers: Daryl dies, nobody riots. Father Gabriel dies, we riot!


Glen Springer:  Rick is forced to kill Daryl so Judith can live.

Amanda Hageman: It’s all a gigantic reality show,  being filmed by satellites and was instigated by the super rich 1 percent to deal with overpopulation/ boredom.  The last three groups are going to end up in a death match on Manhattan island with the last group being left to rebuild. The zombies are wiped out by gas dropped from planes containing a dandelion based enzyme that destroys the virus keeping the walkers animated and uninfecting Rick and company. Happiness abounds and there’s a huge dance number at the end.

Fred Smelser Jr.: Johnny Depp is the stunt double for Nick on Fear the Walking Dead.

Garon Gerard Geffre: Daryl finds the girl from the video game that he has helped.

Cody Starks: Carl accidentally shoots Rick while reloading and Rick suffers another coma for the whole 6th Season!

Lynne Adams-Bonding: Daryl and Rick get married and live happily ever after.

Andrea Janina: Maury comes to read the paternity test results.

Clifford Harris: Rick has a total meltdown and wipes out the town of Alexandria and then kills himself.

Sharlene Forest: Daryl decides Alexandria  is not the place for him so he makes a camp right outside the walls.


Liam O’Leary: Rick’s beard triumphantly returns and kills the Wolves single-handedly.

Lauren Rob: Someone from Alexandria will finally explain why they built a security wall with supports on the outside.

Charity is a hipster: Turns out Alicia wasn’t going to see Matt. She was going to try to find her internet friend Carl Grimes and run away.

Sarah: Tobias is Eugene’s son.

Julia Fullerton: Madison hooks up with Daryl after Travis never shows up in the desert.

Jessica: The Governor and Beth are not dead and come back as Jesus Monroe and Negan, respectively.

Taco loves Zombie: Beth comes back from the dead. Everyone except #teamdelusional quits the show.

Abby Watson: Rick finds out that Judith and Carl are both Shane’s children.

Jennifer and Steve G.: Judith is actually Daryl’s kid.

Tony Stewart: Matt’s parents were actually Morgan and his wife and they were bringing home his little brother Duane.

Abby Harding: Eugene lied about lying. He has the cure.

Two Brogue Girls: The FTWD group meets a desperate guy named Philipp and his daughter Penny. He wants to get to Atlanta to find his wife.

Jeneen Wake: #FAKESPOILER L’il Asskicker leads a large group of Walkers in a flashmob dancing & singing to @TaylorSwift’s #BADBLOOD

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If the highlights weren’t enough for you, check out all the answers we received or add some of your own in the comments!

Click here and here to see the Tweets  and more answers. Click on the bold date to see the Facebook post and more comments: Facebook post from Monday, August 31, 2015

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