Fear The Walking Dead: Trouble for the Salazar family?

Griselda and Daniel Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Griselda and Daniel Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

We’re only three episodes into Fear The Walking Dead and it looks like we have the potential for the first heartbreaking moment.

In the teaser video for the third episode (titled ‘The Dog’), we see that Travis, his son Chris and his ex-wife Liza have escaped from the barber shop in Travis’ white pickup truck along with the Daniel Salazar, his wife Griselda, and his daughter Ofelia.

However, there is something really interesting about the positioning of the survivors in the back seat of the pickup truck, particularly when it comes to Daniel and Griselda Salazar.  Here is the video in question from the official YouTube account of AMC:

This scene was kind of sneaky tease for Fear The Walking Dead in that it kind of hid what looks to be a really endearing moment between Daniel and Griselda Salazar in the back of the truck.  That moment may not be as adorable though, because there is some speculation that Griselda is wounded and Liza is tending to her while Daniel comforts her.

Daniel and Griselda Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Daniel and Griselda Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

In fact, the folks at MoviePilot are speculating that Griselda may have been bitten during her escape from the barbershop.  Also, our friends over at Inquisitr share that “Griselda’ was also the name of Lizzy’s pet walker she adopted in The Walking Dead’s ‘The Grove’ during season 4.

Personally, I was already getting to like Griselda.  It seemed like there would be a great ‘old country’ feel between her and Daniel as a married couple, which was something I was looking forward to watching develop as Fear The Walking Dead went on.

What do you guys think?  Is the Salazar family in trouble for the third episode of Fear The Walking Dead?  Or are people reading too much into a scene that could very well be nothing?  Let me know in the comments below.

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