Fear the Walking Dead: Will we see villains and scoundrels enter and be created

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The Walking Dead has had a few notable villains and characters who were slimy, cruel, vulgar, hostile, or had other mean and nasty traits in some degree. Characters we even sort of liked, such as Merle or Shane and others who were outright dastardly villains like The Governor and Gareth. We had Joe and his claimers group and even Dave and Tony in the bar.  Did the apocalypse create these characters or were they mean people with evil tendencies already? That’s something for another time and for you to consider as we look forward to Fear the Walking Dead.

What sort of villains or scoundrels might we encounter? And will we encounter them sooner rather than later? We already saw Calvin, but even if we see him again, it will be as a walker. The interesting thing that we might get to see on Fear is the creation of some of the villains.

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In The Walking Dead,  the villains we meet are already pretty well-formed. We don’t always see what leads to their habits or their behavior patterns. We don’t see how they become leaders or mean or hostile or what they were like before things went bad. Shane is about as close as we come to seeing a whole picture.

With Fear the Walking Dead, we might just get the chance to see what happens when bad people live into bad times. And what happens to some good people when they turn bad. Can the apocalypse really change someone good into bad? Will we watch it happen? Will it happen to one of the characters we’ve already met? What will it take?

I wonder?

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