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The Walking Dead fans are so creative with the ways they express their love of show. Little Leedus is an inspired story of creativity and friendship. The friendship between Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln in real life. And now the friendship between Reedus and Lincoln figures and their friendship with the girl who made them.

I just discovered Little Leedus and, I have to say, it is amazing. I have Tiny Abe after discovering Tiny Daryl’s Adventures, which are also fabulous. Little Leedus discovered Tiny Daryl after she made her figures and they follow each other. We are all inspired by each other. It’s so nice to be encouraged and inspired by others.

Usually when I cover fan art or creativity, I have the artist/creator email me with information about themselves and what they do and I take it and put it into third person and describe it for the article. For Wendy, I’m going to reprint her words verbatim because they reflect so much of her enthusiasm and personality. So here’s what Wendy, the creator of Little Leedus, had to tell me:

Little-leedus /

First off – thanks so much for this opportunity!!! =) Hmm – where do I begin? It’s funny, but as a kid I never played with dolls – but now that I am 40 it’s on like Donkey Kong!

I was a total tomboy – Star Wars and GI Joe action figures, Hot Wheels; anything but dolls and pink tutus! I even had a little camo uniform and pretended I was in the Army!  And then there was the mud pit.  LOL  I guess I DID set up dioramas for my SW figures – elaborate recreations of Yoda’s house (yep, real mud from the pit) and the Hoth Base – complete with command and medical centers, hangar, living quarters, etc.  Very detailed.  But I HATED Barbie.  I mean – a fashion doll???  Pointless!

Anyway, I have always been creative – and off my rocker – so when I saw the Walking Dead I totally fell in love with it – even more so with Norm n Andy (total Rickyl shipper by the way).  They are just too cute together in real life!!!  Genuine BFFs.  So – being the total nerd that I am (Star Wars/Trek fan, etc) I stumbled across the fascinating world of 1:6 scale collectible figures (usually of movie/comic book characters) and lo and behold they had lifelike head sculpts of Rick and Daryl and I KNEW I HAD to have them.  I pieced them together myself (lil Norm has wider shoulders, stocky build & lil Andy is slimmer with narrow shoulders) and painted their faces (they were originally solid grey).

Little-leedus /

I guess it kind of snowballed from there.  They needed clothes and shoes.  A house.  A car (or two). I love them so much I spoil them rotten!  At one point all my socks had holes in them, yet I was buying THEM little socks before I even thought about my own.  And I am a stickler for details, so everything must look REAL.  They only wear real shoes – not plastic (Norm’s Converse are really canvas and Andy’s shoes are leather).  By the way – a needle threader works wonders for lacing little shoes! =)

Everything in their apartment must work -from lighting/lamps to the toilet holding water.  They even have a retro record player that really plays records and real working corkscrew!  I made the guys about a year ago and have since then been working on their apartment.  Working on the doors and windows (yes, real glass) tonight.  I designed it myself (needed a locking cabinet since it is the guest room and my little cuties are sacred, no one touches them but me – and it had to have pull out shelves allowing access to 3 of 4 sides; walls are removable, too, so I can play and take pictures from almost any angle).  It is HUGE – and I’m not ashamed to say that I play with my guys every single day – so I had to get a Murphy bed in order to make more room.

Little Leedus refrigerator. /

I’ve been collecting and making stuff for the inside all year – and this weekend I will actually finish it (yippeeeee).  Their fridge and all of their cupboards are fully stocked, right down to a working Swiffer – and they have lots of geekery and kitsch. Thankfully I have the best husband in the world who understands my weirdness – the fact that I am regressing back to a second childhood (not just dolls but I even text my sister like a 13-year-old girl – 5000 or more every month).  My little cuties go everywhere with me.  I even bring them downstairs on their mini couch to watch TV with me.  What can I say?  I’m addicted =)

You must check out the pictures of Little Leedus on Twitter! After seeing them, I was inspired to get my Tiny action figures some furniture. I must say, my Tinys get tossed into a tote bag when I’m not taking pictures of them and I carry Abe in my pocket when I plan to take pictures of him out and about. I don’t treat him with as much love and care. Sorry, Abe. Maybe someday you’ll get an owner as awesome as Wendy. But until then, I love you, paper clothes and all.

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