Fear the Walking Dead: Preview of ‘The Dog’-Madison still protecting Alicia

Alicia and Madison, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Alicia and Madison, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead will return next Sunday. We saw one teaser with Travis, Liza and Chris along with Griselda and Daniel trying to make their way through the chaotic streets of the city. Now we have a new one showing what’s happening at the same time back at the Clark home with Madison, Nick and Alicia.

Here is the preview of episode 103: The Dog from AMC’s youtube



As we can see, Madison is still trying to protect Alicia from actually seeing the horror of what’s happening. She’s still apparently in denial and thinks that they’ll make it to the desert and ride it out until the authorities contain the infection and things get back to normal. Perhaps she thinks she’ll be able to tell her daughter about it once they get to the desert, but she can prevent Alicia from witnessing it herself.

I thought after last week when Madison closed the door and felt the devastation surrounding them, holding them captive, that Madison would certainly open up to Alicia. But evidently, her maternal protective instincts are holding on tight.

Alicia Clark. Fear the Walking Dead, AMC. /

Nick and Madison don’t even know exactly what’s going on themselves, but they are going to have to tell Alicia soon. I would imagine Alicia would get frustrated by being in the dark, literally and figuratively. She has such tiny bits of information. But their panic is going to make her wonder what they know.

I’m looking forward to next Sunday. And we have to keep reminding ourselves that we would not immediately jump to the conclusion that we needed to prepare for the end of the world if there were some kind of mysterious illness that we didn’t understand. I don’t think we’d know exactly what to do or where to go.

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