Fear The Walking Dead: ‘The Dog’ episode 3 spoilers

Alicia, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Alicia, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

In the past, we’ve had a couple of occasions where MTV has accidentally posted their review in advance for an episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but a new culprit has shown up for the companion series Fear The Walking Dead, The Guardian.

Daniel and Griselda Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Daniel and Griselda Salazar, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

First, let me say this review is from someone who isn’t very high on Fear The Walking Dead, calling many of the main characters ‘stupid’ and showing a severe displeasure for the second episode in season one, “So Close, Yet So Far”.  Still, the author (named Brian Moylan) seems to have enjoyed episode 3 titled ‘The Dog’ much more than previous installments.

The article brushes over some of the major factors in the episode.  Here are some of the things of note:

  • Riots pit the dead against the living in what is the most “dangerous” scene of the episode
  • Electricity cuts in and out of all the houses and buildings
  • The Salazar barbershop catches fire, forcing Travis, Liza, Chris, and the Salazar family to leave
  • Griselda Salazar gets crushed by some scaffolding and is injured
  • Madison distracts her family from the chaos by playing Monopoly
  • Nick, Alicia, and Madison go to the neighbor’s house to get a shotgun.  While there, Nick steals pills
  • A walker neighbor wanders into the open house and tries to help himself to the family dog
  • Travis’ group meets back up with Madison’s family, where Liza and Madison buddy up
  • Daniel Salazar gets a wicked headshot on a zombie with a shotgun
  • Daniel teaches Chris to use a shotgun and says his family has been through worse than this (doubt it, Danny…)
  • Travis stops Madison from killing a neighbor walker
  • Madison stops to tell her neighbor Philip not to come home to his zombie wife Susan, who is trapped in a weird garden maze and supposedly looks like “the girl from The Ring all grown up”
  • Nick breaks into another house to find pills, but decides not to when a little girl “with a creepy doll” questions him
  • The government tells everyone to stay in their homes, lock the doors, and not let anyone in.
  • Chris gets punched in the face.  Not sure by who or why, but the author loved it.

Sounds like a pretty action packed hour for Fear The Walking Dead’s return following the Labor Day break.  To fit all that into an hour sounds like a huge task, but it sounds like it will be a much faster paced episode compared to the previous efforts in the series.

You can watch AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead’s third episode of season 1 titled ‘The Dog” on Sunday, September 13, 2015 .  Be sure to check your local listings for actual time and availability.

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