Fear The Walking Dead: Who is Meaghan Oppenheimer?

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Fear The Walking Dead is a show that strives itself on feeling like a different program each week, and they have a very unique way of accomplishing that feel.  In an interesting development for the series, each episode aside from the season premiere and finale (which were penned by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson) are written by a different person.

The schedule for the writers is something quite different, however it will help give each episode a unique feel that should keep things fresh and interesting for the season.

Here is the list of writers for season 1 of Fear The Walking Dead:

Robert Kirkman, Talking Dead - AMC
Robert Kirkman, Talking Dead – AMC /

“Pilot” – Robert Kirkman & Dave Erickson

“So Close, Yet So Far” – Marco Ramirez

“The Dog” – Jack LoGuidice

“Not Fade Away” – Meaghan Oppenheimer

“Cobalt” – David Wiener

“The Good Man” – Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson

One of the most interesting names on the list is Meagan Oppenheimer.  With only two previous writing credits to her name on the IMDB list, this will be a big opportunity for her to make a name for herself by writing an episode for one of the biggest television franchises in history.  She is credited for the screenplay for Zac Efron’s 2015 film We Are Your Friends and a short film from 2010 called Hot Mess.

More impressive for the 28-year-old from Tulsa, Oklahoma is that her recent string of success is stemming from a script titled The Remains which made the 2013 Black List, a list of Hollywood’s best unpublished screenplays according to the Tulsa World website.  Meaghan Oppenheimer could be a star on the rise in Hollywood and bringing her in to write an episode of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead is a massive opportunity for both her and the series.

I’m very excited to see what Meaghan can bring to the small screen for Fear The Walking Dead.  Fear The Walking Dead will air their fourth episode titled “Not Fade Away” on AMC September 20, 2015 at 9 pm ET on AMC.

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