The Walking Dead season 6: 5 reasons Negan shouldn’t debut


Fans of The Walking Dead are hungry for a major character from the comics to make their debut.  We heard about the possibility of Negan showing up for the end of season 5.  It didn’t happen.  Now, we’re hearing that he may be a part of season 6, which could be a mistake.

Negan, The Walking Dead comics - Image and Skybound
Negan, The Walking Dead comics – Image and Skybound /

Reportedly, there has been a casting call going around for a character named “Rich”.  I haven’t seen anything official talking about this call, but many reputable sites are discussing it and  giving it validity, so it’s worth mentioning.  Here is what the casting call is according to TV Line:

"“a fifty-something narcissist who has an angry streak, a Senator-like charm and the charisma of a car salesman.”"

While I can see how people could see Negan in that casting call, I’m hoping that he isn’t a part of season 6 of The Walking Dead.  Here are my five reasons why:

  1. The fans really want him, so make them wait.  Yes, it’s a jerk move, but you have to keep the fans wanting more.  The wait for Negan will just make fans want him more in the long run.
  2. There is plenty more story to be told.  I’m as excited about Negan showing up as the next guy, but throwing him in the situation now would mean that a lot of story would be bypassed in order to get a point that shouldn’t quite be happening yet.
  3. Negan can be teased for a long, long time.  Have you seen how excited fans got when they noticed the baseball bat wound on the resident of Shirewilt’s head?  or how social media freaked out when Glenn picked up a bat?  Just those two things alone were massive talking points that the show can use to market itself until he actually appears.
  4. I like Glenn too much.  As of now, every fan of The Walking Dead knows that Glenn is one of the major victims of Negan and his bat Lucille. But Glenn still has a great relationship with the characters and has a unique charm that has endeared him to the fan base.  He can’t go yet.
  5. A poor version of Negan could ruin the hype.  The comic version of him is great.  He’s got a foul mouth and does what he wants.  Sadly, those things might not be able to be seen on AMC.  We’ve seen Abraham’s backstory ruined by this, so there’s a chance Negan could be done in the same way.

What do you guys think?  Do you want Negan in season 6 of The Walking Dead?  Do you feel the show should wait?  Or are you over the hype surrounding this comic character?  Let me know in the comments below.

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