Does AMC’s The Walking Dead devalue human lives?

The Walking Dead - AMC
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AMC’s The Walking Dead is a hit with fans.  It is one of the most watched shows in television history and has a fan base that continues to grow as the show goes on.  However, not everyone feels the love for the zombie survival drama.

Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC
Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead – AMC /

In the past, it has become frustrating watching the big-name awards shows pass on The Walking Dead.  Following a stellar fifth season, the program was mostly ignored by the Emmys. In fact, aside from awards for their work with prosthetic special effects, the Emmys have not seen The Walking Dead walk away with a win.

A recent article on the Atlanta Journal Constitution had a quote from USA Today TV critic Robert Bianco as to why The Walking Dead might be overlooked.  Here is what he said:

"“I think in part because The Walking Dead has been so brave about killing off cast members and constantly replacing them, that this creates an impression human beings are less important than they really are.”"

Honestly, I don’t understand that thought.  I believe that each life on The Walking Dead has a huge value, which is why fans are typically devastated when a main character is killed off.  In the end, this is a show about zombies.  Sometimes, characters won’t have the time to fully explore their character or to watch intimate relationships develop.  It’s that feeling that these stories can stop at any moment that makes the show so exciting.

What do you think?  Does AMC’s The Walking Dead devalue human life?  And if so, do you feel that’s a valid reason for awards shows to look down upon the program?  Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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