The Walking Dead: 3 promoted to series regulars


Three actors from AMC’s The Walking Dead have been promoted to series regulars for season 6.

To become a regular on the popular zombie survival show is a great honor.  That means that your name is added to the credits and you get a ton more recognition.  Season 6 is a great time to for actors to become regulars on the program because the show continues to grow its popularity as the series continues.

Here are the three individuals who are now series regulars:

  • Tovah Feldshuh – Known as Alexandria’s Deanna Monroe, Feldshuh is the current leader of the new community that Rick Grimes and the group will attempt to become a functioning part of.
  • Alexandra Breckenridge – It looks like Breckenridge might be the romantic love interest that fans have been wanting Rick Grimes to have.  Alexandria’s single mom should be a major player in season 6.
  • Austin Nichols – He plays Deanna Monroe’s son Spencer.  When we season 5 of The Walking Dead left off, he wasn’t a major player, but we should learn a lot more about him as the show goes on.
Spencer Monroe, The Walking Dead - AMC
Spencer Monroe, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Personally, I’m a big fan of these three individuals.  Whether they are good guys or bad guys, each one plays a unique role for season 6 that can be explored in depth and should add to the power of the story lines for The Walking Dead.

You can catch Austin Nichols, Alexandra Breckenridge and Tovah Feldshuh when AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for season 6 on October 11, 2015.  In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned in to Undead Walking for news regarding anything that the popular zombie survival franchise has to offer.

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