Fear the Walking Dead: Frank Dillane and Lorenzo Henrie don’t want to know the world of The Walking Dead

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Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /
Chris, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Chris, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Frank Dillane and Lorenzo Henrie, Nick and Chris of Fear the Walking Dead, have not watched The Walking Dead and they are staying away from it on purpose. They have very actor-y reasons for staying away from the show. They don’t want to know what the world that they are headed toward is supposed to look like.

Frank told Entertainment Weekly, “I think it could be detrimental if I start to watch something I’m supposed to be a part of, if I start to imitate at least the style of that kind of show or whatever, so I stay clear.”

Lorenzo revealed to Hidden Remote, “I wanted to make the creative choice of just knowing this world I was going to be in. So I did just enough research to keep things pure. That way, when I was on set, I could pull from these pure images in my memory, not knowing the other world of The Walking Dead.” 

Kim Dickens (Madison), Cliff Curtis (Travis), Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia), and Frank Dillane (Nick). Fear The Walking Dead photo shoot - People Magazine
Kim Dickens (Madison), Cliff Curtis (Travis), Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia), and Frank Dillane (Nick). Fear The Walking Dead photo shoot – People Magazine /

Now that I’ve seen Fear the Walking Dead, I think they’ve made a good decision. Of course, for some of the actors, that’s not a choice they can make. Some of the actors have been fans of the show for a long time. Some of them, like Lincoln Castellanos, have even been comic readers before the show came to be. Kim Dickens was told not to watch the show before her audition, but I believe she’s said she may decide to watch after awhile.

But the actors who have seen the show probably have to do the same things that we as fans are constantly doing– guessing about what you would or wouldn’t be able to figure out at that point and pretending we don’t know what lies ahead. And possibly even imitating the fighting styles and walker killing styles of Michonne or Abraham or Sasha.

It’s unfortunate in some ways for The Walking Dead cast that these two kids can’t fully appreciate right now the awesomeness of their mothership. But someday they will. And it will be a beautiful case of hindsight and legends in their own time and those kinds of things.

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